Friday, May 06, 2011

Common Ground... Kaput?

The Dorchester Reporter said this week that Common Ground, that quirky restaurant in Lower Mills run by the religious group the Twelve Tribes, is permanently closed. Word is that the group is seeking another possible location somewhere in Dorchester. We hope it is true, because we are already missing their sandwiches. On the up side, it seems the spot is well-suited for a restaurant and we are hoping that another eatery replaces it soon. Our fingers are crossed for Japanese/Sushi, but we will certainly appreciate other cuisines as well.

For our review of Common Ground Cafe from 2006:
Common Ground Cafe

For the story in the Dorchester Reporter:
Lower Mills Eatery Common Ground Will Not Re-open


Also, the problem has been resolved with our blog rating stars... We encourage you to peruse the blog for your favorite things in Lower Dot and rate away!

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