Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snow Finally Comes to Dot...

Finally on St. Valentine's Day, Dorchester got its first real snow of 2007. It is pretty crazy that it took this long. Sadly it was coated with rain and as a result everything is made miserable by a half an inch of ice!

Coming Soon: Oscars on the Avenue

To raise money for grants to encourage business development in Peabody Square and the Ashmont neighborhood, St. Mark's Main Streets is hosting an Oscar party at the Ashmont Grill on Sunday, February 25th. It will include hors d'oeuvres and cocktails (the Dotini perhaps?), a red carpet, a Joan Rivers impersonator, and Dorchester's own Jeopardy champ Gerry Wagget hosting a movie quiz game. It is pricey ($75 in advance and $90 at the door), but will raise money for a worthy cause.
St. Mark's Main Streets Oscars on the Avenue
Located at: The Ashmont Grill (555 Talbot Ave.) in Peabody Square at the intersection of Dorchester Ave, and Talbot Ave., near the Ashmont T stop.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Calling All Dot Residents... Help Tell Trader Joe's About Here!

How many of you wished we had a Trader Joe's in Lower Dot? Erin grew up in California where it seems like Trader Joe's are in every city. If you are not familiar with the store, it is a great and very resonably priced place to get natural and organic groceries. Here in the Boston area they tend to be located mostly in the suburbs (especially north and west, like Cambridge, Newton, and Needham), but we think one would do really great here, and be a popular addition to our neighborhood.

The Trader Joe's website has a contact web page for places that need new Trader Joe's and we were hoping people from our neighborhood would take a minute to fill out this form and show Trader Joe's this could be a great place to consider for a future store...

If you agree, please click here and let them know!
And if you know others in the area who feel the same way please spread the word...