Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt in Dot

You know it is springtime when the annual Easter Egg Hunt is happening at Dorchester Park. We arrived at 10 am on the dot and kids were already running all over the place grabbing eggs. There were definitely a couple hundred children with baskets, buckets, and canvas bags in hand filling them full with plastic eggs containing candy and other goodies! There was even a designated area for children under 5. After the hunt everyone gathered on the tennis courts and took turns taking pictures with the Easter Bunny. It was fun watching all the kids running around with huge smiles as they collected their eggs.

Friday, April 06, 2007

News: New Restaurants Opening in Lower Dot

There is word on the street (mainly from the Dorchester Reporter and a new sign Chris saw today when he got his hair cut at Adian's Barbershop) that some new restaurants are coming to Peabody Square and Lower Mills.

In Peabody Sqaure there appears to be several restuarant related developments says the Dorchester Reporter. First Chris Douglass (the owner of Ashmont Grill) is opening a new hip and casual pizza and pasta restaurant in the new Carruth building (a six story eco-friendly building currently being built and opening in early 2008) near the new Ashmont station. Douglass hopes to serves a simpler and less expensive menu than the Ashmont Grill. Second, the new Wainwright Bank opening in the Carruth is planning a café inside the bank, which should certainly add a needed place to stop for coffee. Finally, St. Mark’s Main Streets is working to get a new restaurant in the old location of the Tara Pub across the street, perhaps an ethnic restaurant, which is certainly missing from the square.

From the looks of it in Lower Mills there is a new restaurant called Mrs. Jones Soul Food opening soon on Dot Ave. next to Taste of Thailand. This would be awesome because we lack any soul food in the neighborhood! Keep your eyes on this one.