Monday, November 09, 2015

Thank You and Good Night Dorchester!

We started the Lower Dot blog back in July 2008 to write about our neighborhood and all the things we love about it (we even had for a time a second blog called the Dorchester Think Tank that looked at community activism). When we started our blog few people were blogging (and no one seemed to be blogging about Dot).

So much has changed about Dorchester since 2008, yet the reasons we love our neighborhood remain the same. Dot is still home to amazing racial and economic diversity, neighbors who care and look out for each other, a growing number of artists and musicians, and people who take their politics seriously. Some of our favorite moments included being first to find something new coming to the neighborhood, making people think differently about Dorchester (even if they didn't understand our use of irony), and when other people used our endearing nickname to describe the area.

During that same time, there have been many changes in our lives, including new jobs and, most importantly, the birth of our two daughters. As working parents, we simply don't have the time to keep up this blog. We hope that someone else will start a new Dorchester social blog and pick up where we left off...

So today, we bid farewell to the Lower Dot blog in this final post. It has been a great seven years of blogging. While Dorchester is and will always be our home, as for this blog, thank you and good night!