Saturday, October 10, 2009

Patriots Tailgate Menu at Tavolo

How good does this combination sound? Gourmet comfort food, tasty beer, and watching the Pats win another game with a pretty swell crowd. Well that is what you can get at Tavolo, while they are running this Patriots game day special. When we went, Chris had the "Not Your Mother's Chili" matched with Harpoon's Leviathan and Erin had the meatball sliders with provolone and marinara on a corn bun accompanied by a raspberry ale. Delicious! The details: For $20 you get two Harpoon beers and one dish from their "tailgate menu" and Tavolo is now open every Sunday at noon.

Check out our blog entry from last year for a description: Tavolo
1918 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester
Located on Dochester Ave. just north of the intersection of Beale Street. Just west of the Ashmont T stop (near the southern entrance/exit).

Friday, October 09, 2009

Dorchester Open Studios 2009

Every year Dorchester Open Studios showcases the best artists in our neighborhood. This year it runs from noon to 5 on Saturday 10/24 and Sunday 10/25. Check out our blog entry from two years ago for a description: Dot Open Studios 2006

Vietnamese and Irish Festivals in Dot

This weekend is a great one for celebrating our neighborhood's diversity by attending both of the scheduled ethnic festivals. On Saturday at Town Field in Fields Corner, you can attend the annual Tết Trung Thu (August Moon Festival), which takes place from 3-8 pm. Then on Sunday head on over to Adams Corner for the all-day Irish Heritage Festival. Both will include plenty of food, music, and celebration.

Here are their websites for more info:
Tết Trung Thu (English Translation)
Irish Heritage Festival

Saturday, October 03, 2009

ADORE-chester! Top 5 Bites in Dorchester

One of the best things about Dorchester is the quality and diversity of restaurants. The food is authentic in flavor and represents the passion, community, and culture that are at the heart of our neighborhood. As part of the ADORE-chester! blog project, we lay out our top five choices of dishes from around the neighborhood (and five more we couldn’t help but also list) as we continue on our journey, eating our way through Dorchester.

Our top five bites in Dorchester (in no particular order):
These are the MUST tries if you haven’t already

1. Fried chicken wings from Mrs. Jones
2. Ginger ice cream from the Ice Creamsmith
3. Tiramisu dessert from Tavolo
4. Grilled beef bahn mi from Ba-Le
5. Any martini from dbar

Tier Two (in no particular order):
These are the highly suggested if you haven’t tried already

6. Trainwreck fries from Ashmont Grill
7. Homemade ginger beer from Irie Jamaican Style Restaurant
8. Ham and cheese croissant (baked by Sel de la Terre) with latte from Flat Black
9. Poulet en sauce from Belle Cuisine
10. Dim sum at Chau Chow Seafood

UPDATE 10/4/09:
And by request, here are our top 5 drinks in Dot! (in no particular order)

1. Dotini at the Ashmont Grill. Seriously Dorchester's own drink, with a side of candy.
2. Mojitos at the Blarney Stone - One of the best we have ever had.
3. Grapefruit-Infused Basil Gimlet at Tavolo. Feel like you are on Mad Men while still living in the 2000s.
4. Espresso Martini at dbar. Coffee and liquor - what is there not to love about that?
5. A pint of Guinness at the Banshee. Transport yourself to Ireland for a moment.

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Boston's Barista Competition Will Take Place in Lower Dot

Peabody Square is the host of Boston's first annual Barista competition. On October 24th, numerous coffee shops from around the city will be competing for the crown of the White Chrome Barista Throwdown. This competition, located at Flat Black Coffee Company and then Tavolo, will include events in coffee knowledge, latte art, and drink creation, with celebrity judges. It is open to the public and there will be free lattes during the practice rounds and free coffee during the demonstration period. For more information, go to Good luck Flat Black!

White Chrome Barista Throwdown Hosted By Flat Black Coffee Company and Tavolo
1906 Dorchester Ave./1918 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester
Located on Dochester Ave. just north of the intersection of Beale Street. Just west of the Ashmont T stop (near the southern entrance/exit).

If you can't make it there will be live streaming video at: