Sunday, November 01, 2009

It Is Time For Sushi to Come to Lower Dot!

Calling all local restaurateurs! There is one major thing missing on the Dorchester dining scene, and that is sushi! Here is the evidence as to why we believe the opening of a sushi restaurant will be a gold mine for whomever is willing to take up the challenge.

First, it is obvious that Dorchesterites have the gourmet tastes to support not just one, but probably multiple sushi restaurants. Almost everyone we know in Dorchester eats sushi, yet all of us have to travel downtown to get it. Sushi restaurants are no longer exclusively for the most affluent communities.

Second, out of any neighborhood in the city, Dorchester has the most perspective restaurant patrons. With our 92,000 residents and the fact that on the weekends you almost always have to wait for a table, it is clear that Dot could use more dinning options.

Third, the nearest sushi restaurants according to Yelp! and Google Maps are located all the way in East Milton Square (Ichiro Sushi, pictured below) and Jamaica Plain (JP Seafood Cafe). Both of which are far beyond walking distance or public transit from Dot.

Fourth, Dorchester is one of the few neighborhoods in the city without a sushi restaurant. Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, South Boston all have sushi restaurants and of course Allston-Brighton and the South End have multiple.

Now we do realize that there has been a proposed sushi and sports bar establishment for Upper Dot (Van's in Savin Hill), which has been in the planning stages for some time now. Although we are quite excited for its opening, we would suggest there is still a need for sushi somewhere in Lower Dot, perhaps even a small establishment in Peabody Square, Lower Mills, or Fields Corner? The gauntlet has been dropped!