Friday, August 15, 2008


It's new, stylish, yet unpretentious in their attempt at Italian food for the modern eater. Aside from the chalk-artwork in the dining area, our favorite part is the bar. It hosts a large U-shaped bar made out of slate where the friendly bartenders write your names down and offers you chalk to play with your own artistic abilities. Look up and you'll see the three flat screen TVs and light fixtures made out of small drink bottles. The food is standard Italian - Erin had the Arugula pizza with prosciutto and Chris had the cheesy pasta with funghi and mortadella. They offer a build-your-own anitpasti platter which we are very excited to try next time. The cherry citrus biscotti should not be passed up, perhaps made by the same baker that does the desserts for the Ashmont Grill? We look forward to making Tavolo a regular afterwork stop. Some other perks include: espresso drinks, bar open 'til 11pm, and offer take-out.
1918 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester
Located on Dochester Ave. just north of the intersection of Beale Street. Just west of the Ashmont T stop (near the southern entrance/exit).

Have you been to Tavolo? Rate it below.


kokernutz said...

While I thought my meatball panini was excellent for the price, the spaghetti and meatballs was way overpriced at $15. We sat at the bar, on the far end and it was a bit too dark with no overhead lights at that end. I'll probably be eating there once or twice a month though, considering I just signed a lease for an apartment in The Carruth last night. :)

talbotave said...

went to Tavolo last nite. Overall I was pleased but feel the menu could have more variety. We all had different varieties of the Panini sandwiches and thought they were average. We sampled the antipasta and thought "so-so". Interior is well done and eventually the bar will be open till 1 along with lunch service eventually.

Anonymous said...

The baker who makes the dessert at the Ashmont Grill does make the biscotti as well. I've been there twice and I also wish that the menu had more variety (many people have the same complaint about the Grill). I'm hoping it will get better over time.

thechak said...

loving tavolo. been there 5+ times now. the food is great, especially the caprice salad & the funghi pizza.

Boston Chef said...

the beet salad is ridiculously good - with a big hunk of gorgonzola to go with the beets, candied walnuts, shaved fennel, and simple dressing. the wine list is pretty good, too!