Thursday, August 07, 2008

News: Co-op Houses Become Popular in Lower Dot

(Photo courtesy of Chris Lovett)

Joining other urban areas such as San Francisco and Brooklyn, the Boston Globe reports that co-op houses are becoming very popular in certain neighborhoods of the Boston, including Fields Corner in Dorchester. Co-op houses are hip these days with high rents and living costs, especially with the under 35 crowd (although the article also highlights a co-op for people over 50 and one resident in The Big Top Co-op in Dorchester who has been living there for 25 years). Co-ops are essentially urban communes, where residents pool money for rent, heating, and food. The triple-decker commonly found throughout Dorchester appears to be "the" building for co-ops and many are quite able to use the small urban back yard to grow vegtables and gardens.

The Boston Globe August 2, 2008 Article: Cheaper by the Dozen

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