Sunday, November 12, 2006

Common Ground Cafe

UPDATE: Common Ground Cafe is now closed. In its former location is now Sweet Life Bakery and Café. Please see our update post.

You have to try this place... It feels like you are eating sandwiches in a magical medieval village. It is dark with tables handmade out of whole trees and covered with a thatch roof. We think they serve some of the best sandwiches in Boston, and they are all made with homemade bread. Chris likes the turkey reuban sandwich with a cold ginger beer and Erin loves the tuna melt. The ingredients are always organic or natural, making the sandwiches extra delicious. You can also stop by their whole foods marketplace after eating to pick up organic and natural foods and products.

2243 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
Located in Lower Mills on Dorchester Ave, at the intersection of Richmond St. Just north of the Milton T stop (Ashmont-Mattapan Trolley).

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Karl said...

The space is certainly cozy and the atmosphere unique, but there is a reason why The Common Ground Cafe continues its operation year after year despite the fact that you rarely see any customers.

It is owned and operated by a "cult" (you
be the judge
) that operates locally out of a group home in the Melville area. I feel for the kids that "work" there (they are not paid), but eventually decided that they don't need my dollars or encouragement.

Leah said...

Looks like Common Ground is closed for awhile for renovations. Not sure when they reopen.

Chris & Erin said...

Someone was handing out fliers on the street near Ashmont Station. It reopens this week on March 12th. If you can get a flier it gets you a free cup of bottomless coffee!

christopher said...

Common ground seems to be very busy every time i go there. Hard to get a seat at lunch time!

michelle said...

My cousins live in Milton and we always go here when I visit them since they're so close.We love this place. Staff does have an odd, brainwashed cult feel but we love their food, atmosphere and shop.

Nicole said...

I have gone to common grounds once. I loved the food however the workers gave off a creepy vibe. I just went on their website and they cult owned. Or to be political correct i guess it would be owned by those who lead an "alternavie lifestyles/religious beliefs". Fine by me but i wouldnt thought twice if the smoothie maker wasnt so sketchy. id still go again