Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sea Breeze Mexican Grill

The kitschy atmosphere (yes, that is a harpoon on the wall!) and friendly staff (yes, our waiter was awesome) is a wonderful complement to the tasty Mexican fare at Sea Breeze Mexican Grill. Erin had the Sea Breeze Enchiladas with the Mango Shake (Yum!). Chris had the beef burrito with a side of rice and beans. Both were generous portions and made us feel as if we were vacationing on the Mexican coast. You can even get guacamole made table side. It is run by a wonderful couple, who have a passion for Mexican cooking. This is a great addition to Lower Dot!

NOTE: Sea Breeze Mexican Grill is in the process of getting a take out license (yes, please!) and we encourage everyone to stop by and sign the petition.
Sea Breeze Mexican Grill
1782 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester
Located on Dorchester Avenue at the corner of Shepton Street. Just north of the Ashmont T stop and southeast of the Shawmut T stop.

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(Photo courtesy of Hidden Boston)


Larry Davidson said...

"Rate it below"? I would like to, since I had a good experience at the Sea Breeze, but my browser shows no way to do so.

BTW, you can check out my recent review of Sea Breeze at

Chris and Erin said...

Thanks for the link to your blog.

We are currently experiencing technical problems with our blog rating stars. It should be fixed hopefully soon.