Monday, July 16, 2007

Rating Stars on Blog

We have added a new feature to the blog that allows for you to rate things in our neighborhood. You will notice to all the blog entries about restaurants or stores, we have added rating stars. We encourage everyone who has visited those places to rate them.

The ratings look like this...
Have you been to A Place In Our Neighborhood? Rate it below.

If you have any troubles, we have included instructions in the comments on this entry.


Larry Davidson said...

I don't understand how to do this. Where do we give the ratings?

Chris & Erin said...

Hello Larry,

The green stars to the left are the average ratings from everyone and the blue stars to the right is your rating.

All you need to do is above "Your Rating" roll over the number of stars you believe the place deserves and then click it with your mouse. It should add your rating to the total. It will say "Thank You!" under the total stars.

The rating system is set up to only allow people to rate things once, so once you have rated something you don't need to worry about re-rating it. Although if you would like to change your rating it will remember you and you can change it. Every time you visit the blog from the same computer it should remind you of what your rating was.

Hope this helps. Enjoy rating! Any more questions or if problems still occur, let us know...