Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Food Trucks Are Coming to Lower Dot!

Yesterday, the mayor announced that food trucks will rotate around 15 new permanent locations across the city, including a spot near Ashmont Station that will be open for lunch and dinner (with the location required to close by 9 pm). The food trucks are diverse in their cuisine, from Vietnamese bánh mỳ sandwiches to cupcakes to soul food to grilled cheese. A full list of vendors is available at the Boston Redevelopment Authority and Boston Food. There is also a website to track the food trucks that will soon be up and running and you could always go to the city of Boston's Food Truck Program website to learn more. When the first food trucks end up in our 'hood, we will be sure to review them! Happy eating Lower Dot...

UPDATE: You may have noticed that we recently changed the picture of the food truck on this post. A couple weeks ago, we were talking with the Bon Me food truck folks at their BU location and when asked if they would ever be coming to Dorchester, they told us "it is not likely" (in a somewhat condescending tone). We feel it is unnecessary to promote them any further.

(Bottom photo courtesy of City Rover.)

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