Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Dorchester Voter Guide - Phoenix Best of '11

By popular request, we have assembled a Dorchester voter guide for you:
Remember to vote:

The Dorchester Voter Guide - Phoenix Best of '11
Food and Drink
Bar, Gay (dbar)
Barbeque (Pit Stop)
Brunch (McKenna’s)
Coffee Shop, Local (Flat Black)
Food Truck (Speed’s Hot Dogs)
Ice Cream (IceCreamsmith)
Restaurant, Indian (Shanti)
Restaurant, Vietnamese (Pho Hoa)

City Life
Local Politician (Ayanna Pressley OR Marty Walsh)
Open Space (Franklin Park)
Place to Live (Dorchester)
Square (write-in campaign for Peabody Square)
Street (write-in campaign for Dorchester Ave.)

And while you are at it, vote for Dot chef, Chris Coombs (of DBar) for best new chef courtesy of Food and Wine Magazine:


Anonymous said...

This is great, thanks! Makes a nice little short-list of local places that are worth checking out, too (Speed's Hot Dogs, huh? Hmmm.)

Chris and Erin said...

Yeah, Speed's is actually in Newmarket at the intersections of Dorchester, Roxbury, and the South End. We decided to claim them for our own (their hot dogs are like nothing we have ever eaten)!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Marty Walsh also a Dorchester politician?

Chris and Erin said...

You are completely right and we added him (We are actually in Linda Dorcena Forry's district, so we completely missed that). Sorry about that Marty!