Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dorchester Declared Thriving by WGBH!

It has been almost two decades since WGBH discontinued its nightly program called The Ten O'Clock News focusing on urban Boston, so we were excited when Emily Rooney's Greater Boston decided to examine why neighborhoods like Dorchester are experiencing a surge in housing sales in the middle of tough times for real estate.

Overall, we were incredibly impressed by our spokesman and Dot resident Donna Latson Gittens as she explained to the world why Dot is the place to be: community, diversity, garages, and green space! Although we usually enjoy Emily Rooney's program, we were a bit intrigued by her negative view of Dorchester (despite admitting she has not really been here) that she struggled to overcome throughout the segment (perhaps this is the Back Bay effect?). We would have expected someone with her intellect to understand that urban violence is a problem that exists throughout the city and that Dorchester (a 10-15 minute subway ride) is closer to downtown than Wellesley (a 45 minute commuter rail ride). However, the program did do a great job of explaining why new groups (they described as "a third gay, a third young people, and a third old Boston Irish") are moving into the best neighborhood of Boston. We hope Emily Rooney and Greater Boston make Donna Latson Gittens a regular visitor to their program. Watch the segment here...


Anonymous said...

Emily Rooney is an idiot. not everyone wants to live on a cul de sac in newton or wellsley. She seems to think that Dot is the wild wild west..i love the fact that i don;t need a car to to things.i can ride my bike or take the T too so many things..i hope she stays in her lily white burb..

Anonymous said...

Does Emily Rooney have mush for brains or what?
I can't believe she aired her unsubstantiated views so publicly. Seems she could have at least made a trip to Dot first... oh wait she's never been to Dorchester but she's been to the Codman Health Center....?