Friday, June 04, 2010

Dorchester Day is Here Again!

It is time once again for Dorchester Day, when the neighborhood celebrates its very own holiday. If you are new to the neighborhood then get ready for one heck of a party commemorating the founding of Dorchester as a town in 1630 (Dorchester was later annexed to Boston in 1870). The parade starts Sunday, June 6th at 1 pm in Lower Mills and heads north up Dorchester Avenue, ending at Columbia Road.

As always the Dorchester Reporter is your best bet for parade information and coverage. See you at the Dot Day parade!


Jane said...

I have looked forward to this for at least 25 years now, as the Parade, as changed along with the demographics and heart of Dorchester. I am so sorry the Parade and Music Festival are at the same time, the two largest Dorchester events. I hope this situation can be addressed, by the two groups. I also wish the Dorchester Landing could be reinstated, that and other historical initiatives. Invite descendants of the original group to have a "Landing Day Reunion" of sorts How many residents are aware that "we" are in the same class as Plymouth !

Chris and Erin said...

We too enjoy the Boston Folk Festival ( and wish that it wasn't scheduled during the same time as the Dot Day parade. And thank you for reminding us of the strong history that exists here in Dorchester, as well as the wonderful diversity of its residents. This is why we love Dot!