Friday, August 14, 2009

88 Wharf Riverfront Grill Now Open

Somehow we missed the opening of a new restaurant just over the river from Lower Dot. We were just informed that 88 Wharf Riverfront Grill, a new contemporary American restaurant in the Milton Landing building, not only is open for business, but also has patio seating overlooking the Neponset River and the town of Milton's first restaurant liquor license. I guess we have another place to visit real soon. If the restaurant is up to Lower Dot expectations then expect a review in the next month or so. Until then consider checking them out and let us know what you think.


Anonymous said...

It's great! We had mussells, crab cakes, beef carpacio, buffalo mozzarella w/heirloom tomatoes and short rib stroganoff. It was absolutely delicious. Drinks are great too!

PastryGirl13 said...

It's a cool atmosphere with decent food. Random beer selection- they need to step that up or we're just going to keep heading over to Ledge. Strangely we ordered 4 apps for two of us (that was all we ordered) and they brought all four at the same time. Seemed a bit odd to me that they wouldn't stagger them or at least ask if we wanted them all together... so some were cold by the time we got to them. But otherwise a decent option since we live nearby but not the sort of place I would tell out of town friends to go to.

Anonymous said...

What a great spot, scenic, slick and the food was delicious. They were running a duck confit pizza special that was out of this world! We loved it so much we stayed and had a couple drinks at the bar after we finished dinner. Great addition to the area.