Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Time For Awesome Fresh Vegetables in Lower Dot!

This year there is a third farmer's market being added to Lower Dot! The newest addition will be Fridays from 3-7 at the ODWIN Learning Center parking lot (1943 Dorchester Ave.) across from the new Carruth Building. Next year it will move to the northern entrance of Ashmont station in Peabody Square. There are of course the two classic farmer's markets at Milton Village (just over the bridge from Dorchester - behind the store fronts on Adams Street), which takes place every Thursday from 1-6 and Fields Corner, which takes place in the parking lot across the street from Town Field on Saturdays from 9-12. Erin and Chris will also be enjoying their farm share this year from Dorchester's own Re-Vision Farm.

Check out our blog entry on farmer's markets from three years ago: Milton Lower Mills Wharf Farmer's Market blog entry

Click here for more info on the Ashmont/Peabody Square Farmer's Market

Click here for more info on the Milton Lower Mills Wharf Farmer's Market

Click here for more info on the Fields Corner Farmer's Market


Anonymous said...

Please don't forget Dudley Town Common Farmers Market Tuesday/Thursday 3-7pm

Dudley Town Common Farmers MarketTuesday and Thursdays 3-7pm

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Chris and Erin said...

Thanks for the heads up! We just cover the farmers markets in our part of Dorchester, but we hope people support all of the farmers markets across the city!

Al said...

There’s also the farmers market at the Codman Square Health Center, 637 Washington Street. It’s every Thursday 1 to 6 pm until October 29th. Produce is from Silverbrook Farms of Dartmouth, MA.

Chris and Erin said...

Thanks Al!

Can-Can said...

I've gone to farmer's market in Odwin twice. Tonight I had the sweetest corn and made a salad of red leaf lettuce and orange grape tomatoes from today's purchases. With cod as an accompaniment it was nutricious and delicious!
I blogged about my experience a few weeks ago at the Field's Corner Market. It's larger but a bit more raucous. It's great to have two so close to my home (10 minute walk to Odwin, 20-25 minutes to Field's Corner).