Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ashmont/Peabody Square Station

The Boston Globe reports this morning in a story about the Science Park station that the MBTA will be adding "Peabody Square" to Ashmont Station. We knew there was support for this in the neighborhood, but had not heard it was actually going to happen. Pretty neat!

"For the MBTA, the bestowing of a secondary local name to stations is becoming increasingly common as a part of other, larger renovations. The designation Boston Public Library was added to the local signs on the Green Line at Copley Station. On the Red Line, the label Peabody Square was added to signs at Ashmont Station."

Click here for the full story: The MBTA gives a nod to the old West End


kokernutz said...

Can you get an update on the progress for finishing the Ashmont station?

Whalehead King said...

It really should be called "Peabody Square" since that's where it is. I know there is an Ashmont Street and an Ashmont Hill, and both of them are in the Ashmont neighborhood, but you don't give people directions to Ashmont unless they are taking the T. You tell them that when they reach Peabody Square, take a left or a right. Peabody Square makes more sense since it is a destination, and boy, is it ever.

This is a long time coming but it is a sensible label.

Chris and Erin said...

It has been difficult to know what has been going on with the Ashmont Station since the blog stopped blogging. Last April the MBTA issued a press release saying the station was over 50% complete and an expected date of completion for August 2009. That is the last we have heard.

kokernutz said...

Found something in the Metro: link

Mark said...

I emailed the T Red Line contact to find out about the Radford Lane entrance, which was said to be part of the new design, but I see no evidence of that. No response other than the usual "thanks for your message, we'll be back in touch with you." Anybody heard anything about this?

Chris and Erin said...

kokernutz thanks for the link to the Metro article!

As far as the Radford Lane entrance, it was promised by the T to the community and was part of the blue prints. If we hear anything we will pass it along.

Mark said...

My reply from the Redline Super on the Radford Lane question:

"Hi Mark:

I met with the project manager last week and I am told it will be
awhile before we can get Radford St. entrance operational. The
contractor needs to keep as much space available at the entrance to
bring materials into the station. Putting any structure with revenue
collection equipment hooked up inside would make it impossible to get
the materials to their location.

As things develop, we will keep you posted. Thank you for writing.

Scott Andrews
Superintendent-Red Line"

kokernutz said...

(I live in the Carruth and this was slipped under our doors.)

Thursday August 6, 2009

To our Ashmont Neighbors:

The new Ashmont Station busway is nearly complete. The busway is expected to open at the beginning of September, in time for the start of the new school year. The MBTA appreciates the patience you've shown as we construct the new station and busway.

A number of temporary changes to bus pick up and drop off areas are needed to allow final work to be complete in the busway.

Starting on Saturday August 8, 2009:

- Bus routes 18, 22, 23 and 26 will use the KISS & RIDE lane behind the Carruth building.
- Bus routes 21 and 24/27 will move forward on Dorchester Avenue in front of the Carruth Buidling.

MBTA personnel will be on site to help customers when these changes go into effect Saturday. The MBTA is looking forward to opening the busway to better serve our Ashmont Station neighbors. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience you may experience in this phase of the project.

Thank you.

MBTA Design and Construction & Operations Departments

Chris and Erin said...

We are happy to report the Ashmont T blog is back posting updates. We recommend it as a great source to know what is going on with the station construction. Check it out:

The latest report is that Ashmont/Peabody Square station is 2 years behind schedule and 79% over budget. Although, there is hope the station will soon be complete.