Monday, October 20, 2008

Wainwright Bank and Flat Black in The Carruth

The new Flat Black Coffee Shop and Wainwright Bank are finally open in the Carruth! We checked out the bank and the employees were very nice and the ATM works well. They also have a socially progressive mission, which makes opening up an account all the better. We also visited the new Flat Black cafe inside the bank, and it was great. The coffee continues to be high quality and their pastries were excellent (word on the street is that are from Sel de la Terre). They will also be offering free wi-fi if you want to check your e-mail. It is a great addition to Peabody Square.
1906 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester
Located in Peabody Square on Dorchester Ave. Just west of the Ashmont T stop.

Have you been to Wainwright Bank & Flat Black in The Carruth? Rate it below.


kokernutz said...

I was happy to have to wait in line the other morning to get a coffee. They had about as many people in there as Dunkin Donuts across the street usually has.

kokernutz said...

Um, not open on Sunday!!!

Can-Can said...

I am elated that Wainwright Bank is in Dorchester. It was aggravating having to go downtown or to Back Bay or JP to their other branches.
I'm not a coffee drinker but am glad, for the coffee drinkers, that Flat Black is here.
Love Tavolo. The Carruth Bldg. businesses are good for the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

They need to be open on Sundays! Went down there this morning and it was closed. I was so disappointed. It would be great to read the paper with a cup of coffee from Flat Black.

Anonymous said...

They need biking parking here really badly. Isn't the Carruth supposed to be environmentally sensitive?