Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anh Hổng Vietnamese Restaurant

We knew of the wonders of Anh Hổng before we even moved to Dorchester. This place has perhaps the best Vietnamese food in the city (don't insult us by saying Pho Pasteur is the best around - try this place and you will never eat there again). Although the decor is not hip or trendy, it certainly is authentic and the prices are incredibly reasonable. On a cold winter day nothing beats a hot giant bowl of their phở. If it is hot out, then the Vietnamese spring rolls are a must. They are light, fresh, and served with a great peanut sauce. If you want fine dining try the bò 7 món (seven meals of beef), but just be prepared to fast for a few days before you go because this is more beef than any human should eat.

291 Adams Street, Dorchester
Located on Adams Street at the corner of Park Street. Just east of the Fields Corner T stop.

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Anonymous said...

i had to try out the 7 courses of beef, so I dragged my in-laws for my b-day dinner. no one wanted to split the meal, so there I was trying to eat as much beef as possible, needless to say I couldn't finish everything. great fun dish that could be split btwn 3 or 4 people. check it out!

candelaria said...

I walk by this several times a week and have never gone in. I will now based on your recommendation.

Anonymous said...

great place . . . give it a try. This was the location of "The Sands" bar a while back.

Anonymous said...

Is this place as good as Pho2000 on Adams Street?

Chris and Erin said...

Pho2000 is pretty good... We prefer Ahn Hong, but can understand why some people prefer pho2000. It comes down to personal tastes. Perhaps down the road we will review pho2000?