Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Carruth Near Completion

The Carruth building is near completion. The transit-oriented development will include condominiums, apartments, and retail space (see our other blog entry: The Carruth). The building held its open house on Saturday and Sunday (March 8th and 9th) where many local businesses and organizations had displays. Flat Black Coffee Company (who will have a cafe in the building) and Tavolo (a new Italian eatery in the building) handed out delicious samples for visitors and there was even a DJ. The condos were amazing inside, and if you would like to see for yourself, images are available at the building's website: www.thecarruth.com


Anonymous said...

They (the carruth condos) look great! Is there anything we can do about that store 24...its such an eyesore, between the homeless out front hustling people for change and the general aura of absentee store ownership, it just kills the vibe of the Sq....how about the fire dept. next store takes the property by imminent domain, or could we at least get the place to become a store 18 and close from 1am-6am. I may sound a little callous, but that place seems completely at odds with the rest of the sq.

Bill said...

Store 24 (Tedeschi's) has a 20 year lease on the building in Peabody Square. The good news is that St. Mark's Area Main Streets has been negotiating an exterior renovation to go along with plans for an interior renovation and name change to Tedeschi's. We're hopeful that this will take place soon. www.smams.org

Bill Richard

Chris & Erin said...

Anything positive for the community is supported by us. Peabody Square could always use more retail shops, restaurants, and art space (We are personally dying for a bakery or sushi place somewhere near Ashmont station!) and the businesses we already have getting help improving aesthetics can only help.