Saturday, February 02, 2008

Calling All Dot Residents... Why Does Yelp Not Consider Dorchester a Neighborhood of Boston?

The neighborhood of Dorchester's hip establishments are rapidly growing, but you wouldn't even know it was part of Boston if you regularly go to the popular user review website Yelp ( because it is not listed as so. After several attempts to contact Yelp about this, including a response telling us they are "working on it", nothing has been done.

This omission seems almost purposeful. Several neighborhoods of the city that offer far fewer resturants and shops than Dorchester are listed (including Dudley Square, Egleston Square, Mission Hill, South Boston, Hyde Park, etc.). On top of this, many places that are not even in Boston are listed as neighborhoods of the city, including Central and Harvard Squares (in the city of Cambridge), Coolidge Corner (in the town of Brookline), Davis Square (in the city of Somerville), Arlington Center (in the town of Arlington), and Winthrop (which is a separate town in itself), etc.

We are asking our readers to take a moment and send a comment to Yelp that Dorchester needs to be added to their list of Boston neighborhoods. This simple action will encourage more people in the city to visit Dot (because Yelp is such a widely used website by people under 40), having a positive effect on our local businesses.

NOTE: Please see the update on this entry.

Please join the campaign to add Dot to Yelp Fill out a contact form (and be sure to mention you use Yelp when you contact them).
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Lys said...

I have spoken to Yelp, and they told me that they are working on it. I know the community manager, and for all of Yelp Boston, it is only 2 people, so that might be why it is taking a long time to be completed. I would suggest shooting an email to the bigger Yelp headquarters in SF. Also, a lot of business in Dorchester are represented, they just haven't added Dorchester, which is strange. Good luck!

Chris & Erin said...

Thanks for contacting Yelp! We actually did contact Yelp HQ in SF and someone named Stacy replied telling us they were working on it in November (and then we wrote back in January) and still no progress. We really appreciate Yelp and think it is great for the community, which is why were are so frustrated that Dorchester is left out. Perhaps if everyone writes to them, Dot will finally be recognized as a neighborhood!

Ligaya said...

Yelp Boston CM here. Are you kidding? We love the Dot! The 'hoods were added initially by Yelp HQ in San Francisco who weren't as familiar with the area. We've actually had a local Yelper liaison assist us with fleshing them out and she completed the update last week! We're just as eager as you are to see it up. Business listings in the Dot are still searchable though.

Chris & Erin said...

Thanks! We can't wait to see Dorchester up as a neighborhood!