Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dot Art Clay Station and Dot-2-Dot Collaborate on a Project

As Dot Art opens a second studio dedicated to ceramics and clay (the Dot Art Clay Station at 1782 Dorchester Avenue), there is news that they will be collaborating on a sculpture project that will be permanently installed as part of the storefront of the new Dot-2-Dot Café (the European-style coffee and sandwich café that is in the process of opening in what was a hair salon at 1739 Dorchester Avenue). The hope is that this will help create Dot-2-Dot as a Dorchester Avenue landmark and help increase the visibility of the local Dorchester art community.

Dot Art (1775a Dorchester Avenue) is the Dorchester Community Center for the Visual Arts, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make exemplary visual arts education available to the community.


Daria Casinelli said...


I love your blog. Dot is a great community, that said, I've long been an advocate of calling Lower Dot, "SoDot", or SoooooDot, or South Dot. It just has such a ring. What do you think?



Chris & Erin said...

Thanks for reading! Dot rules and we want more people to know it. We actually thought about SoDot or SoDo, but worried it was a bit over used these days (SoHo (NY), SoWa (South End), SoMa (SF), NoHo (NY and/or Northampton) etc.). Although if it caught it on we would definitely support it. It does have a nice ring.

Chris and Erin

John OToole said...

Hi,I have been discussing this quite a few people who are active in the Lower or Southern part of Dorchester,and SoDo was the name talked about most. Dorchester is far too vast an area to be descibed so generally. I would love to get a group of like minded individuals to discuss the possibility of getting this off the ground.
John OToole Cedar Grove Resident
Lower Mills business owner

Anonymous said...

I'm totally on board with SoDo! That's the best name...I've been thinking about neghborhood branding a bit myself. I live on Mellen Street in Ashmont Hill - have a number of media contacts, would be happy to start spreading the word. T-Shirts and those round bumper stickers would be good for local businesses to sell as well.
Maybe we should have a SoDo committee!

Leslie MacKinnon

Amy said...

Hi there,
I'm a teacher at NHCS off of King St. I am beginning to research community members and artists to share their talent and stories with my second graders. I would love for my students to create digital biographies on these "faces in our neighborhoods". Any help or information on possible resources would be fantastic! Thank you for all you do!