Saturday, October 27, 2007

Public Art, Green Design, and Coffee in Peabody Square

With the new Curruth Building in Peabody Square coming along, plans have begun in the redesign of the square including a new traffic configuration, unique environmentally friendly design, and an impressive piece of modern art called the Peabody Square Moon by Dorchester artist Joe Wheelwright (Depicted above).

Check out the sculpture at:
The DAC: Peabody Square Moon
Peabody Square Moon
Joe Wheelwright

Check out other Peabody Square items:
A Boston Globe article about the new location of Flat Black Coffee Company in Peabody Square:
Keeping It Fresh for Coffee Lovers in Boston Globe

A Dorchester Reporter article about the green redesign of Peabody Square:
Peabody Square Made Green Could Grow Imitators in Dorchester Reporter

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