Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ashmont Hill Yard Sale

On June 2nd, over 40 houses in the Ashmont Hill area of Dorchester had their annual Yard Sale. It was great! We picked up some rugs for three dollars and a painting of San Francisco's Lombard Street for 25 cents. The streets were packed, as many people rummaged through all of the great used items. Luckily the rain held out!

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Nicole said...

The 2008 Yard Sale is tomorrow May 17th!!!!!!! I live 2 blocks from Ashmont Street. We leave the car at home, put on our New Balances and walk the neighborhood! Its awesome! I go every year with my mother and her friends (i'm only 21). I maybe young but if i can find great food, people, and a gently used Kate Spade bag for $5 im there!